Black Aluminum Profile.

Black Aluminum Framing

Benefits of Black Profile

Black aluminum profile is where style meets high-quality product. Get the same high-performing modular aluminum framing in a stylish, more aggressive looking black-anodized finish. MB Kit profiles' go through a superior anodizing process that delivers a coating that won't fade overtime. The coating helps resist surface scratches and obstructions, keeping your product looking new for longer. Profile pieces are inspected before shipment to ensure orders are in pristine condition for every customer.

Alternatively, we also offer the option to powder coat profiles to specific color coatings of your choice. This results in increased lead times based on quantity.

Black Extruded Aluminum Profile

Black Aluminum Profile Options

Line 5 20x20 Black Profile

20x20 Light

L5 L5 Profile
Line 5 40x20 Black Profile

40x20 Light

L5 L5 Profile
Line 8 40x40 Black Profile

40x40 Light

L8 L8 Profile
Line 8 80x40 Black Profile

80x40 Light

L8 L8 Profile
Line 8 80x80 Black Profile

80x80 Light

L8 L8 Profile