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Machine Enclosures for Assembly Lines

Project Background

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Machine Enclosure

What happens when companies value employee safety? Measures are implemented to include safety requirements into the project scope. Frequently, customers will reach out to MB Kit Systems for structural safety integrations such as: hard guarding and machine enclosure solutions. CAID Automation is one of the manufacturing customers which has been working with MB Kit Systems for years to implement safety solutions into their automoation and robotic applications.

Robotic enclosure

CAID Automation designs and builds custom automation/robotic systems for assembly, testing, inspection and packaging. They create solutions in many different industries, but are most involved in Medical Devices and Aerospace & Defense. Every machine that CAID Automation builds has to include precise safety measures. Operator safety has become a priority for them and many other companies. For instance if operators open guard doors on a running machine, systems must be implemented to stop the machine automatically, ceasing all movement and potential for injury.

Enclosure for automation equipment

Functional safety standard approaches are implemented for automation applications. Due to the potential high risk of injury working with automation equipment, all machine enclosures are designed and built using our functional standards in conjunction with customer application requirements to create the safest, most functional project possible.

Just as our great relationship with CAID Automation, other companies instill their trust for us to provide safety equipment and many other T-slot aluminum solutions. In addition to machine enclosures for robotics, there are many other types of enclosures that we build. If you can think of it, we can build it.

Light-tight Enclosure
Laser Enclosure
Mobile Enclosure

Additional Machine Enclosure Examples