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Leveling Caster Wheels

Leveling Caster Wheels

the quickest and safest way to relocate industrial equipment.

What is a Leveling Caster Wheel?

Moving heavy industrial equipment has always been a hassle. This doesn't have to be the case anymore. Pairing T slot structures with leveling caster wheels creates an easy-to-move structure. Did we mention that it is safe, too?

How it works

Going from point A to B is now easier than ever. Simply install the Leveling Caster Wheels and then complete the following:


Set the pedal to mobility mode. Raise your leveling foot by pressing up on the foot pedal.


Roll your equipment to the new desired position.


Set the pedal to fixed mode. Lower the leveling foot by pressing down on the foot pedal. Your equipment is now in its new secure fixed position.


Mobile Caster Wheels Mobile
Fixed Position Caster Wheels Fixed

Leveling Caster Wheel Options

Select the option below that meets your requirements.

D100 | Rubber Wheel
  • Load Rating: 2,000 N
  • Rubber wheel
D80 | Rubber Wheel
  • Load Rating: 1,700 N
  • Rubber wheel
D100 | PU Wheel
  • Load Rating: 2,000 N
  • Polyurethane wheel
D80 | PU Wheel
  • Load Rating: 1,500 N
  • Polyurethane wheel

Integrate Leveling Caster Wheels into your next project.

Easy adjusting caster lever

Quick and easy adjustment

A pedal that anyone can adjust.

Lifting heavy equipment has never been easier. Only 22 lbs. of direct pressure is required to lift 440 lbs. The extended lever places the foot pedal out of hazardous areas, so there is no risk of the equipment falling on the operator.

Multifunctional Slot

Multifunctional Slot

Mounting slot that works with many profiles.

The mounting slot of the Leveling Caster Wheel was designed to create flush fitment with many different types of profile. It works with MB Kit modular profile up to 80mm or even rectangular 45 series profile.

Flush mounting

Advanced Design

Mounting, color and core functionality.

Designed to appear seamless. The mounting plate is fastened flush with the profile edge. This eliminates the mount from becoming an obstruction, avoiding potential safety concerns.

The mounting plate is powder coated silver to match the profile's anodized color.

Drive objects effortlessly any direction. Leveling Caster Wheels come with a high-quality Blickle swivel caster for peak performance.