Extruded Aluminum T Slot Components

T Slot Components & Accessories

Innovative component technology designed to work with T Slot aluminum framing.

T-Slot Extrusions

T Slot Advantages

The foundation for T Slot aluminum is the extruded groove. This paired with its light-weight properties makes for one versatile product. Fastening technology creates solid joints that are just as strong as welded steel. The groove flank inclination is a design feature with many benefits. Stability and anti-vibration properties are two of them. A more secure connection for profiles, accessories and other components is the result. Project modifications, configurations and additions are now quick and easy. Modular design principles make this possible.

MB Kit Systems' hardware and component product line contains over 3,000 parts. Many designed for specific applications or single use cases. The single most important piece of hardware is the T Slot Nut ST. There is one for each profile line. The spring ball-bearing within the T-Nut offers simple roll-in installation to an exposed profile groove. This feature makes configuring a new product or assembly a breeze. Parts can be added without disassembling the existing frame.

T Slot Nut
T Slot Nut

Fastening Technology

Standard Fastener

Standard Fastener

Universal Fastener

Universal Fastener

Automatic Fastener

Automatic Fastener

Central Fastener

Central Fastener

Additional Fastening Options

Try imagining a connection as strong as welded steel. Yet significantly lighter than welded steel. You don't have to imagine it because it is true. All MB Kit fasteners have been pushed to their limits. Fastening connections always outlast the profile. That is how strong T slot connections are.

Automatic Butt Fastener

Automatic Butt Fastener

Adds ability to connect profiles by their end faces. Machining not required.

Universal Butt Fastener

Universal Butt Fastener

Adds ability to connect profiles by their end faces.


Miter Fastening

Profile connections from any angle. The T Slot profile groove remains open for other elements.

Angle Brackets

Angle Brackets

Requires no profile machining. Reinforces profile connections.

T Slot Hardware

Components, hardware and T slot accessories enhance project functionality. MB Kit Systems has an expanding line of components with over 3,000+ options. The collection of components was established to meet complex design applications. With such a diverse customer base, we have a bit of everything. No matter if you have strict requirements or need basic hardware, we most likely have it.

Looking for a specific component? We most likely have it. Contact us to check for availability. View options for custom adapter plates, brackets or any other type of machining service.

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